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Traditionally men and woman sort luxury watches as a symbol of achievement, selecting a brand, style and design that suited their personality and to make a statement. CORE-MAS has created a belt in the same vein that is the epitome of style, sophistication and chic. With the difference that at its core is the engineering and design of the new world. The Belt is created to be ‘The First Amongst Peers’ (Primus inter pares), with an enduring style, unassuming and modest. Whilst for those who are in the know. Knowing it to be a CORE-MAS. It becomes a conversation between peers, where he or she can be acknowledged for his or her love of fine things.

The CORE-MAS CRMS.1 clasp was built on a breakthrough vision to take new age materials synthesized in the Lab and shape them into tasteful demonstrations of higher fashion. A sleek aesthetic with clean lines and a noticeable but understated presence.  Each CRMS.1 clasp has it's own unique engraved number. The CORE-MAS clasp comes with the black leather CORE-MAS belt and a luxury display case that is accompanied by a unique certificate. The leather belt can be exchanged and future leather belt variations will be released.


- The CORE-MAS clasp is eight times harder than stainless steel and virtually immune to scratches
- The high-tech ceramic is gentle, hypoallergenic, corrosion resistant and does not react in any way when in contact with skin
- It can be worn by anyone with metal allergies or a very sensitive skin
- Its thermal conductivity is much lower then steel so it has a much more comfortable feeling for the wearer
- The design was created for a firm but comfortable fit
- The leather is of the highest quality, folded and stitched with precision and attention to detail
- It does not need to be removed in high security metal detection scenarios, fitting for global travellers, diplomats and heads of state