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The CRMS.1 clasp is completely developed and produced in the Netherlands. Made from high-tech ceramic that is virtually immune to scratches due to it’s superior hardness. It’s intriguing colour is created by special pigments that are captured on a moleculair level throughout the whole ceramic material as the result of a complex process.

High-tech ceramic is gentle, hypoallergenic, corrosion resistant and does not react in any way when in contact with skin. This major benefit is that it can be worn by anyone with a very sensitive skin or metal allergies. It’s thermal conductivity is much lower then steel so it has a much more comfortable, less cold, feeling for the wearer.

The basic ceramic material is a very fine zirconium dioxide powder. The powder, that is white at the start, is mixed with both a binding agent that allows the material to be shaped and pigments that create the black/anthracite intriguing colour.

State of the art high-tech exclusive production equipment is required to perfectly control the quality of the CORE-MAS clasp and to achieve it’s tight specifications. After shaping the CORE-MAS clasp in it’s desired form it’s components are then multiple times heat treated in a highly controlled environment. The clasp contracts by approximately 30 per cent and develops its colour.
This final stage alters the molecular structure and gives the ceramic its mechanical resistance and sublime hardness.

The mechanical resistance after the heat treatment is almost similar to that of steel, but it is eight times harder than stainless steel. Final precision machining and finishing give each piece its definitive shape and size. As the material has now acquired its hardness, diamond tools are required to finalize this step in the manufacture of the CORE-MAS clasp.

Diamond Like Carbon (DLC) coating is used on the extremely corrosion restant belt mounting system to ensure the stealth black look and hardness.

During the manufacture of the CORE-MAS clasp, it undergoes numerous quality controls to check the precision of it’s geometry, mechanical properties and it’s colour. The high-tech complex procedure used for its manufacture defines the clasp’s aesthetics and ensure it’s extremely hardness and scratch resistance.
In this high-tech production process, man still defines final quality as the human eye is still superior in detecting imperfections. The clasp is refined in such a way it ensures it’s final aesthetically appearance.